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"And the day came when I smiled again."

Misrecognition, if it can't get cleared up, calls for exquisite energetic boundaries, great self-love, and staying close with those who know you and support you.

Feeling stuck, confused or crazy? Maybe something is incongruent, and your body is holding conflicting impulses.

The journey from BUT to AND is a journey  worth taking.

To be in our ever-evolving best, it works to

* gently foster healing from adverse experiences,

* learn from them as much we can,

* grow in our understanding, compassion, and capacities, and

* practice healthy, skillful, adaptive ways of being and relating.  ©

What to do with so much grief?

Maybe, share it.

You be you.

We can offer everything.

Loved ones belong to us, whether they passed from this world or not.  They are alive in our hearts.

During times of hardship, it's good to have support.

The body's "freeze" response during trauma is a great survival resource.  Let's liberate any energy that might still be frozen, held tight within your body, now. In a healthy, empowering way.

Sometimes, on the way to let things go it helps

to let them be.

Life is moving us forward, now.

The body is both a mirror and a tool, like a musical instrument. Like a mirror, it can show us not only our strengths but also limiting patterns that stem from unresolved trauma and relational pain. Like an instrument, we can use it to shift these and find new, adaptive options that serve us well.

Healing is a creative journey. It can also be intense, and requires, and deserves, tender love and care.

May there be safety, peace, and health, everywhere.

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