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My specialties are

  • trauma

  • grief 

  • healthy boundaries

  • relationships

  • life transitions

My work is holistic and welcomes all aspects of yourself.

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My main modality is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. My work is informed by over 30 years of practicing and teaching meditation, by Aikido and other movement studies, and by my deep appreciation and respect for the power of the body-mind connection - how it can lead to healing, resourcefulness, resilience, and skill in daily life.

I provide support with:

Transforming traumatization

Traumatic experiences can have devastating effects and bring us face to face with existential questions. In the safe space of our sessions, you can metabolize and integrate the detrimental effects. We also build on internal resources, harnessing the intelligence of the body, and work with innate protective impulses, especially those that might have become truncated during traumatic experiences. This leads to a sense of strength, empowerment, and freedom, so you can move forward newly, in whole and healthy ways.

Discovering the body's wisdom


Sensations, impulses, posture and ways of moving are all gateways to deeper knowing. Opening and listening to them is rewarding and empowering. It opens doors to news ways of moving through life.

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Living life well

Big and small transitions, illness, losses, traumas, troubles in relationships and other obstacles can become vehicles for an ever fuller and meaningful life.  Whatever comes our way - we can engage it. Bringing our circumstances to the path of life, we can cry when it's time to cry, smile when it's time to smile, laugh in moments of joy, and love, create, and contribute in many different ways.

Healing relational wounds and creating healthy relationships

Relational wounds cut deep. Not being heard or seen fully, getting hurt when we are most vulnerable - such experiences may impair the joy, freedom, and love that are possible. Can we be real, honest and open with ourselves and others?  How do we communicate when things get rough? Relationships thrive on a continuum between differentiation and connection.   Mindfully, we help wounds heal, create pathways for healthy connections, allow different parts of yourself to integrate, and find new ways for you to be in relation that serve you and those around you well.

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Using pain as stepping stones

Hard-to-have emotions always contain wisdom. For example, sadness and grief might have inside them appreciation, gratitude, treasuring life, love. Anger and rage can contain clarity, strength, power, truth, motivation, integrity, a cry for justice.  Sometimes, these feelings get muddled up. Together, without forcing anything, we set out to reveal their resources and gifts.

Therapy is Alchemy

If this speaks to you and you are looking for support, let's talk!

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